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The Founders

The Foundation owes its existence and inspiration to Tadeusz and Berthe Sendzimir. Tadeusz Sendzimir was a Polish engineer and inventor who loved his mother country until his death in 1989. Berthe Sendzimir, a native Parisian, founded the Foundation in honor of her late husband and to help Polish society to protect its beautiful natural resources and communities.

The Foundation's Mission, Goals and Priorities

The Sendzimir Foundation seeks to support inquiry, communication and practice that deepens understanding of and helps to improve the interactions between Poland's environment and society. The Foundation supports efforts to study and protect the Polish environment and to help Polish society to become one that values and protects ecological balance for future generations; and promotes human well-being by fostering communities' capacity to sustain their integrity in the face of an uncertain social and environmental future. The Foundation seeks to work with partners in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors.

The Foundation's goals are:

1. to initiate or support research in:
a) the functioning of the environment,
b) environmental clean-up,
c) various aspects of sustainable development,

2. to support seminars, courses and conferences to increase awareness and knowledge about the environment and its connection to society and economy,

3. to support projects which :
a) implement principles of sustainable development
b) experiment with systems for decision making and management
c) increase the capacity of communities to understand and respond to problems coming from environmental and social sources.


The Sendzimir Foundation
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